Friday, January 24, 2014

Satay King x SodaCard tasting journey

Satay King (Causeway Bay)
Thanks to Soda rewards for organizing this tasting for Soda members.

Participating eateries have a device which you can scan with the apps and you get 5 points on every visit to any shop that has the SODA rewards scheme.
For full details of rewards, search the SODA app.

At this event, we got to try new dishes at Satay King which are not launched yet.

Satay King is renowned for its white curry and pork chop but this time they wanted to let us try other dishes as well.

Fish roe potato salad

I loved this potato salad because the mayonnaise was normal and not sweet like other Chinese places.
It is healthly with half a runny egg and for the leaves they have used locally sourcedhydrophonic leaves.
Hydroponic means they were grown in water without soil.
Nyonya beef Pizza

I was a bit hesistant with the Nyonya beef because I was expecting it to be super spicy, but the chilis they used tasted like Jalapeno peppers which are not that spicy with a refreshing tone.
The Nyonya beef pizza was definitely good and reminds me of mexican beef and sour cream pizza.
The pizza base was quite unique because it was similar to Indian roti.
Spicy cheese potato croquette - New

Basically these potato cheese croquettes are an adaptation of the usual potato cheese croquettes stuffed with fillings.
The one on the left was stuff with sesame and seaweed, while the other one was stuff with the same type chili use in the Nyonya pizza.
Out of the two flavours, I lked the seaweed one because the tastes matched the cheese and potato better.
Vietnamese shrimp cakes

The shrimp cakes were soft and meaty but the prawn taste could have been stronger.
Sausage and shrimp with rice vermicelli in tom yum kung soup

I did not really try this because the broth was too spicy but the vietnamese sausages were good.
Pork chop and rice baked with cheese and tomato sauce

The rice dish was similar to the ones you get at Cha chaan tengs but the pork chop was thickly sliced and the tomato sauce was rich and tangy.
Satay Angus beef ramen

The ramen was surprisingly good because the sauce was thick.
I loved the way each strand had lots of thick and sweet satay hung to it with lots of crushed peanuts complemented by the lovely green spring onions and onions.
Kimchi and beef Fried Rice - New

Did not try this because Kimchi is really spicy.
The desserts were quite impressive because they used to just serve mango, glutinous rice and durian, but these desserts cater for Western palates as well.

Platinum cheesecake

Nice cheesecake that was not too heavy or sweet.

Apple tart with icecream

The apple tart was my favourite because I loved the caramelized apples on a flakey base complimented by icecream.
Thanks to Soda Rewards and Satay King for the coupons because I really miss their food and this time I will try other dishes other than White curry!!!

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