Monday, January 27, 2014

Back for more apple fritters at Dumpling Pro

Dumpling Pro (Wan Chai)
On my last visit, I only tried the apple fritters (but see ping gwoh) because I had a tasting afterwards.
The menu had quite a lot of nice items so went back for it.

It seems that their food is quite authentic because there are a lot of mainlanders with a strong Northern accent.
Tomato and egg noodles:

The tomato and egg noodles were rather disappointing because the noodles were too soft and tasteless and the tomatoes did not have any taste at all.
They were not even sweet or sour and all you could taste was the fried egg with a panfried taste.
Stir fried chicken with leek and cumin:

This was delicious, sweet leeks and tender chicken pieces spiced with fragrant cumin.
It was quite salty so I had to have it with rice.
Apple fritters:
When you order them, the waitress goes out to buy the apples, so if you prefer green or red apples you can tell them when you order before they go out to buy them.
I felt sorry for the waitresses who were just doing their jobs chasing up the desserts because they got shouted at by the chefs.
The whole restaurant was waiting for dessert, so the Chefs did the apples and bananas together.

That night, the Chefs were too busy cooking, so after the apples and bananas were fried, the waitresses had to do the final part and dunk the pieces of apple in syrup and then into iced water.

Although it was not solely done by the chef, the apples were really nice because they were piping hot and tart complemented by the caramelized sweet batter coating.
I was quite lucky and found a piece of banana in it too so I got the best of both worlds.
Most of the diners who were waiting quite a while for the desserts were given soy milk because it took so long.
Price: $9X
Service: great
Yummy factor: great
Portion sizes: small
Glass of water provided: yes
English Menu: Yes

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