Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Improvement needed at Agave needed

Agave Tequila Y Comida (Wan Chai)

Came here for a casual lunch because I have not had their lunches for a long time.

After ordering the food took ages to arrive.

The soup which was sweetcorn soup did not look like sweetcorn soup and the taste was very bland.

Grilled chicken leg in a green mole sauce made with pumpkin seeds and spices.
Served with steamed rice/Mexican rice and Vegetables/refried beans.
I was a bit annoyed because it took ages to come and I had to chase for it.
What was more annoying was that I ordered Mexican rice and they ran out and didi not tell me.
The chicken and mole sauce just lacked taste and was not as tasty as before.
The portions were slightly small and now they serve the food on square plates and not the rectangular ones they used before.

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