Monday, January 27, 2014

Fung Shing Restaurant is worth trying

Fung Shing Restaurant (Prince Edward)
Here I was thinking it was another boring Chinese meal again with the same usual items, eg an appetizer, some sort of chicken, steamed fish, fried rice and noodles but it was not and turned out to be the best meal I have tried.
Unfortunately my camera didn’t have any batteries which was a waste!
Arrived at the restaurant and it was brightly lit with crystal chandeliers and glistening décor, although it was brightly lit there were tell tale signs that this restaurant has been here for years with décor to disguise it.
After settling down, it was the usual annoyance because I go into restaurants expecting their bowls and cups to be clean and not have to clean it myself.
The items on the set meal seemed interesting, it was not the usual fare because I did not know that it was Shunde style food that time.

Crispy roast piglet
Panfried prawn potstickers
Minced pigeon with lettuce
Silkie chicken with sharks fin
Shunde fish rolls
Stir fried vegetables
Stir fried milk
Fried chicken
Fung Shing fried rice
Fried flour dumplings
Baked sago with lotus paste
Fresh fruits
Crispy roast piglet:
Normally I take a bite and thats it but the piglet here was divine, it was fatless~
I ended up having about four pieces.
Panfried prawn potstickers:
In Chinese they were called Woh teep but when they came, it was a whole prawn on toast.
The great thing was that the fried bread had no oily taste and I added some chili sauce to it which enhanced it even more.
Silkie chicken with sharks fin:
The soup was good too!
The chicken was so soft and full of flavour from the soup that it did not need soy sauce and the black chicken skin tasted sticky and elastic which was not at all fat.
The chicken joints were deliciously soft like collagen jelly because the soup had been boiled for so long that they became so soft.
Shunde fish rolls:
Nothing exciting about the fish, it was just fish rolled up with mushrooms in the middle.
Stir fried vegetables:
Nothing exciting, it was just stir fried vegetables with mushrooms.
Stir fried milk:
I was expecting a sweet taste but it was NORMAL for once and delicious.
The appearance was like stir fried egg white and it tasted like savoury smooth milk curds.
The stir fried milk was surrounded by these crispy looking rolls called "chicken rolls", after I took a bite, I imediately spat it out because it was fried fat and lard with oil oozing out.
Fried chicken:
This was a chicken fried with its skin attached.
The chicken was coming off with hot smoke, yet the chicken was tender with a nice smoky salt taste.
Fung Shing fried rice:
The fried rice which I never eat was delicious, each grain of rice was distinct and it did not have that nasty wok taste, it also had diced tomatoes in it as well.
I also tried their plain boiled rice and that was good too.
Fried flour dumplings:
In chinese it was Jah fun gwoh.
I was expecting it to be those weird sticky chiuchow style ones filled with peanuts and celery but it was crunchy and soft filled with prawns.
It came with soup to dip but I did not bother with the soup.
Baked sago with lotus paste:
I was glad it was a dessert that I could eat because the usual ones such as sweet soups and puddings are two sweet and I hate sweet soups.
The sago was a lovely custard egg yolk colour that was piping hot and not too sweet.
Fresh fruits:
These were sliced oranges.
It was good that they made an effort to slice them unlike some other places where they give you a plate of WHOLE ORANGES!!

To summarize, the banquet set was FUSS FREE, drinks were included and there is no extra 10% on top because the price already includes all that.

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