Friday, January 10, 2014

Sooooooooo Veganlicious

Sooo Vegi (North Point)

Walked past and saw this new shop serving vegetarian food, so stopped by for dinner.

For some reason it reminded me of Veggie Spinner at Tai Hang because they were both decorated with green.

When I looked at the menu, they had Turkish rolls just like Veggie Spinner which was why I got confused.

As well as rolls, they had pastas and Chinese dishes.

I opted for Chinese food and came back another day for the Western choices.
The Chinese choice was really good because they were popular dishes such as spicy tofu with minced meat and aubergines with salted fish but in vegetarian form.
I love these dishes but I rarely have them because real meat stinks!

The prices were really affordable, just the same as the prices at Chinese cha chaan tengs and the wraps were only $28 each.

Here was what I had over two visits:
Stewed Aubergines and salted fish with rice (VEGAN):

The aubergines were paired with healthy mixed grain rice.
I really enjoyed this dish because it was meat free and healthy, the dish is not as oily as the meat version and the aubergines were nice and soft with the taste as good as the meat version.

This was soup with Lion's Mane Mushroom, walnuts and black eye beans.
I wish the taste was stronger because it lacked the taste of mushroom but the bean taste was strong enough.
Fried three treasures:

This appetizer was really cool because I have never seen a vegetarian version.
There were aubergines, mushrooms and green peppers.
My favourites were the mushrooms and green peppers which tasted meaty with the vegetarian meat substitute.
It was a bit oily for my liking but if they had the sweet sauces, I could have been fooled to think I was eating the meat version.
Mexican wrap:

The roll was wrapped with avocado, vegetarian meat sauce, kidney beans, purple onions, sour cream and tomato sauce.
The roll was not spicy which was good and it was so delicious because it had kidney beans in rich sauce and creamy avocado along with crunchy vegetables.
Buffalo wrap:

The roll was wrapped with vegetarian chicken, sweetcorn, purple cabbage, celery, mixed veg, buffalo spicy sauce and ranch dressing.
This roll was also delicious, it had a nice sour tone to it which makes you even more hungry but the sweetcorn in it gives it a burst of sweetness while the carrots gives it a crunch.
Both rolls were beautifully wrapped.

Next time I am going to try the sausage wrap and other Chinese dishes which are guaranteed to be less oily than meat dishes.

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