Thursday, January 02, 2014

A decent bakery in Mong Kok

A la Folie Pâtisserie (旺角)
Shop 247, 2/F., Grand Century Plaza, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok

I am so glad A la Folie Pâtisserie has opened in MK because I can never find a decent place for food.

Brightly lit and looking grand.

Nicely displayed buns and danishes.

Nice ceiling decorated with rolling pins.

It was really nice to get an invitation to try their products, otherwise I would not have known about them!!

Here was what we tried:
Milk bun:

Tried these milk buns freshly out of the oven and the smell is enough to make you hungry!
It was soft with a crunchy sweet topping and it is not as buttery as other bakeries.
Mango danish:

A plain simple danish topped with fresh mango on top with custard at the bottom.
It was flakey with lots of layers.
Bacon and avocado with wasabi sauce:

A filling bun filled with potatoes, avocado and crispy bacon.
The bacon was lovely and crispy without any fat balanced by the wasabi sauce.
Roasted eel with seaweed sauce:

A nice savoury bun with pieces of roasted eel on top drizzled with seaweed sauce on a soft bun.
Ham roll with sakura ebi:

Double taste sensation with crispy fragrant sakura ebi and ham, you can smell it when you pick them from the cabinet.
I loved the ham paired with the sakura ebi because it had a strong prawny taste enhanced by the saltiness of the ham and the mayonnaise dressing makes it not so dry.
foie gras and apple danish:

1) so far the only bakery where you can get foie gras on a danish
2) the foie gras pate is velvety and divine
3) Very affordable!
Tofu cheese shooter:
tofu, almond, raspberry

A fun a light dessert cup that tastes creamy with a hint of raspberry and tartness.
chestnut, hazelnut, chocolate, rum

I am not keen on chestnut but I like the way they put rum in it because it lightens the taste of chestnut.

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