Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Breakfast burgers are the best at Triple O's

Triple O's by White Spot (Wan Chai)
At Triple O's, the only burgers I like so far are roast beef, prawn burger and the fish burger.

Recently I tried the all day breakfast burgers which taste even better.

Sunny Start Combo:

Fried egg, crispy bacon, melted cheese & Triple “O” sauce on a toasted bun.
This burger was so nice because the bacon was 100% crunchy and salty that it flavoured the egg and toasted bun complimented by the gooey melted cheese.
The Champ Combo:

Sauteed mushrooms & melted cheese in a folded omelette topped with fresh tomatoes and Triple “O” sauce on a toasted bun.
Similarly the mushrooms in the omelette were the star of the show which had an earthy juicy taste.
I preferred the omelette because the egg was tastier and if you order extra bacon it would taste fantastic having mushrooms and crunchy bacon together!!!
Hash brown:

The hash brown was big but unfortunately it was too oily, next time I will order chips instead.

Price: $124
Service: OK
Yummy factor: great
Napkins provided: yes
Portion sizes: reasonable
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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