Monday, January 20, 2014

How to spend $10,000 HKD in Macau (accommodation and food only)

A while ago, I won HKD10,000 at my company's Christmas party but unfortunately it was not cash and the requirements were for holiday expenses on food and accommodation only.

I chose to spend it in Macau because you can spend money more lavishly and the currency is 1:1 so it was easier to control the budget.

I booked two nights at Banyan Tree, Macau which took a good chunk of the money and for ferry tickets I decided to get the Turbojet Premier class because I wanted to experience it.
We also bought two tickets for the famous Festiva buffet.

I thought I had good control of the budget until I went to McCallans because they rounded the total up and I ended up getting some odd change of 50 avos which was hard to spend because I needed credit card receipts to claim the $10,000.

Anyway, here is a breakdown on how I spent $10,000 and the relevant links.

Banyan Tree (2 nights) = HKD5446
Turbojet Premier class x 2 to Macau = HKD820
Turbojet Premier class x 2 to HK = HKD820
Tea ceremony at Yamazato Okura = MOP506
Dinner at Mortons of Chicago = MOP627
Drinks at Macallans Whisky Bar = MOP126.5
Dinner buffet x 2 at Festiva = MOP720
Lunch at Laurel = MOP826
Drinks at Pacific Coffee = MOP108
Total HK$ 9999.50

Freebies that came with the hotel package:
Breakfast at Saffron, Banyan Tree
Quick Rich meal vouchers

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