Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Great noodles again all to myself!!

AHU (Tin Hau)

Tried the noodles with preserved egg and salted egg before when they held a tasting and I could not get enough of it.

I was so glad I was in the area again so came in for tea and had noodles all to myself!!

Here was what I had:

Lovely golden blocks of tofu with a pure white centre with a strong natrual soy bean taste flavoured by the spices on the surface.
Noodles with salted egg and preserved egg:

The toppings were generous! Half a preserved egg and half a salted egg.
The broth was tasty and light without being too salty which complemented the noodles perfectly.
As well as the preserved eggs, there were crunchy beanshoots, mushrooms and coriander to add colour and flavour.
Starfruit drink:
Apart from starfruit, there were others I wanted to try too.

In the end I got starfruit.

The sweetness was just right and it was a warming drink.

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