Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Great curries from Prata King

Prata King (Wan Chai)

Spotted this new joint after visiting this new bar opposite the road.

Previously it used to be a Thai joint which has now moved to Jaffe Road.

Prata King specializes in Roti pratas but as I was hungry I had the curries with rice.

The choice is simple, you can either choose Pratas, Curries with Pilau rice, plain rice or plain pratas.

For Pratas, there is a choice of plain, egg, banana, potato, chicken, cheese and queema.

For curries, there is a choice of chicken, beef, mutton or mixed vegetables paired with pilau rice, white rice or plain prata.

Mutton curry with pilau rice:

I loved the taste of the curry because it was not too spicy and the mutton was so soft with pieces of green pepper and tomatoes in it.
It reminded me of lamb casseroles at school and there was something about the taste of the curry which tastes like pub curries.
There was also a dash of cumin in the curry which took away the gaminess of the lamb.

The pilau rice was also delicious, it was fluffy and soft, every grain of rice was long.
Beef curry with white rice:

The white rice was disappointing because it was not Indian long grain rice.
Basically the curry tasted the same as above but with beef instead.
Price: $4X
Service: OK
Yummy factor: good
Napkins provided: yes
Portion sizes: reasonable
English Menu: Yes

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