Saturday, January 04, 2014

Jamtastic soda

let's Jam (Sai Kung)

After eating nearby, I needed to get a drink, so went to let's Jam because I like their sodas.

Basically their sodas are made with a choice of homemade jam, soda water and syrup.

There were so many jams to choose from:
Pear and wine
apple and rose
apple and cinnamon
and many more.
Apple and cinnamon:

Previously tried the apple and rose soda, so this time chose the apple and cinnamon.
I requested the soda to be less sweet so they put less syrup in it.
Next time I will request for jam and soda only.
Although it was not too sweet, I loved the puree pieces of apple in the drink and it would be great if they put some whipped cream on top to enhance the taste just like some other places where they serve hot apple beverages with whipped cream on top!

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