Monday, January 27, 2014

All you can eat at Bubble Sushi

Bubbles Sushi (Wan Chai)
Bubbles sushi offers all you can eat and there is no time limit which is why the price per person is slightly higher.
The staff in general are quite nice and patient except for one depending on her mood.
Quite a lot of people celebrate their birthdays here because they will play the Happy birthday song and serve a sushi birthday cake and take a photo for you which is ready to take home that night after the meal.
That night I went, there were at least four tables having birthdays there.

The range of sushi is impressive and they even have sushi with truffle and grilled flounder fish edges with salt.
For dessert, the range was a bit weird especially the fried mozarella sticks and sweetcorn puffs.
For the fried items, the deep fried octopus mouths were my favourite.
In the meat section they have grilled lamb, stir fried bittermelon with pork.
Grilled items:

This was grilled chicken liver and sweet potatoes.
The chicken liver was a bit raw and tasted a bit bitter and the sweet potatoes were cute but too sweet.

A nice variety of sashimi.
Truffle sushi:

This was my favourite because the scallop sushi was topped with truffle and each one is shaped into a tiny ball of rice.
Baked crab shell:

Beneath the grilled cheese, it was creamy crab and vegetables.
Baked oysters:

I did not like it because I don't like Japanese mayonnaise.
Stir fried beef with bittermelon:

A Okinawan dish but the pork was too fatty.
Fried items:

My favourite fried octopus mouths.
Japanese congee:

The congee was quite interesting because the texture was different as it was cooked with Japanese rice.
Ice cream mochi:

Individually wrapped.
Cream puffs and strawberry swiss rolls:

I preferred the rolls without the sauce because they were sweet enough.
Fried mozzarella sticks:

These were weird!! They were savoury Mozzarella sticks drizzled with that strawberry sauce again and dusted with powdered sugar!
Price: $2XX
Service: OK
Service charge: 10%
Yummy factor: ok
Toilets: yes
Portion sizes: reasonable
Noise levels: Noisy
Glass of water provided: tea was provided
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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