Friday, January 24, 2014

Arome bakery room's Purple sweet potato tart

Arome Bakery (Kwun Tong)
Arome bakery has launched the new Okinawa purple potato series.
Previously I tried the Okinawa purple potato roll which was a chocolate swiss rolls covered with sweet potato puree filled with cream.
(please see link below for that review)

This time I had some time to kill before a tasting so got the Okinawa purple potato tart.
Okinawa purple potato tart:

The tart costs $20 which is $4 more than the roll.

It is held in a paper tray which is convenient and luckily ABR can provide you with plastic forks if you want to eat it right away.

Inside the tart, there was chocolate cake and cream just like the roll.
Again, it was delicious and there was more sweet potato puree compared to the roll so if you like the sweet potato this would be a better choice but if you don't like the tart base then you should get the roll and its cheaper.
The chocolate cake and sweet potato tasted really good together because it was not too sweet and the sweet potato was velvety and had a natrual taste.

The tart base is basically their usual tart base that they use for tarts which was buttery just like shortbread.
In conclusion, I prefer the roll because I don't like the tart base and it has a better ratio of chocolate roll and sweet potato.

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