Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cronuts from Delicatessen Corner

Delicatessen Corner (Tsim Sha Tsui)

To be honest, I was not here for the cronuts. I was after the【Zürcher Geschnetzeltes】.
A Veal or Beef dish cooked with Mushrooms and Cream, served on the side with a fried Potato Roesti.

However, the table outside only had set lunches and dinners so I did not know they had an a la carte menu as well.

Inside the restaurant, there is a delicatessen corner selling sausages, sandwiches, cakes and cheeses.

Since they had cronuts, I decided to try them even though they were invented in the USA and not by the Swiss.

There were four flavours for cronuts:
Chocolate and yoghurt crisp


Raspberry crisp:

Pineapple crisp:

I suppose it is not really worth dining there because the cronuts cost $22 takeaway and if you dine there they cost $32 each with a 10% on top.
Chocolate and yoghurt crispy deli cro-do:

Interestingly, instead of calling them cronuts, they called them cro-do using the first part of the donut word.
The cro-do was pretty disappointing, it was oily, rancid and chewy and the crispy yoghurt pieces on top were dehydrated and chewy just like freeze dried apple pieces.
The cream in the middle was sweet and sickly.
Price: $4X
Service: crap
Service charge: 10%
Yummy factor: merde!
Noise levels: Noisy
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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