Friday, January 24, 2014

Ikkousha now in Hong Kong

博多一幸舍 (Causeway Bay)

Initially this ramen joint started off at Ramen Champion in Jordan and now they have their own joint opposite Butao!!

There had been several tastings at this place so I have read quite a few reviews before coming, however on my visit there was not much briefing about their ramen.

What surprised me was that they have so much branches in INDONESIA, yet there is only one branch in Hong Kong.
It surprises me that Indonesians eat Ramen because the broth is pork based.

The restaurant used to be David Ramen, so the setting is slightly similar with a bar table at one side and tables on the other side.

Basically there were four broths to choose from:

I chose the original because I just wanted to try their broth and chose super hard noodles because they are going to go soft after I have taken pictures.

For the egg I chose onsen egg because most ramen places just serve soft boiled eggs.
When choosing the broth, you have to select the saltiness.
I chose the one without the salt flavouring because they already have it on the table.

It is recommended to press the bottle dispenser two times which is about two teaspoons to give the ramen the right saltiness levels.

Original ramen:

Surprisingly the soup was great, it was light but creamy and the soup hung well to the ramen.

The onsen egg was mixed into the broth making it slightly thicker and creamier.

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