Monday, January 20, 2014

Restoration at Island East Markets

Restoration (Central)

Nearly every week I will visit IEM to see what goodies there are in store.

I was looking forward to IEM this time because Restoration was there.
I missed their gumbo last week because they did not promote it on Facebook.
It would be useful if restaurants could promote what they will have because if it is good people will come!!

Found out they had gumbo this week so this was what I went for!!
I wanted to try the ribs, but it's hard eating them standing up without knives and forks.

To be honest, I have not had much luck with Restoration because every tuesday they have the all you can eat fried chicken and I happen to be busy.

I love gumbo and the last time I had it was at Blue Smoke BBQ which closed down, but the good thing is that the chef from Blue Smoke works at Restoration.
Classic gumbo with seafood and crawfish

It was PIPING hot and I could barely hold the cup.
Anyway, it was so tasty and the spicyness was just right with pieces of crawfish, sausage meat in it and the lovely spring onions on top.
The rice blended in nicely and made it wholesome and filling.

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