Friday, January 23, 2015

Under the sea at Fresh Modern Kitchen

Went here to check out this new seafood place which is just round the corner from the Quinary.
The menu is basically seafood and meats so here was what we had.
[b]Virgin bloody mary:[/b]

I loved the salty foam on top that was made of Konbu because it was just fun to drink since you get foam on your nose every time you drink it.
[b]Mini seafood platter:[/b]

Started with oysters, crab legs, prawns, balman bugs and whelks.
All of them were fresh but my favourite had to the Balman bug which looks the wrong way round and tastes like a tender lobster tail.

[b] Scallop Carpaccio:[/b]

Scallop Carpaccio, sweet pickled scallion, Grapefruit dressing
Lemon grass lovers will love this as it is heavily topped with lemon grass and you can smell and taste it infused into the scallop carpaccio.
[b]Red Clams:[/b]

Pan-fried live Red clams with garlic and fresh basil.
These were huge and sweet with a lovely basil aroma.
I loved the big shells because they were great for holding the broth that the clams were in because the broth was delicious as well.
[b] Croissant with Peking duck:[/b]

Croissant with Peking duck, leek, baby cucumber.
This was amazing! Peking duck and cucumber tastes good in anything, whether in a Chinese pancake or wrapped in a burrito!
[b] Fresh mixed fruit garden salad:[/b]

Fresh mix fruit garden salad with French blood orange dressing served with Wax apple, pomelo, pomegranate.
This salad was just pretty scattered with pomegranate seeds and freshly plucked peas and it was tasty as well with fruits and juicy orange pieces.
[b] Mixed Vegetable Platter:[/b]

Celery root, U.S asparagus, eggplant, cherry tomato.
This was a great selection of grilled vegetables with a nice crunch.
[b]Lobster soup:[/b]

Lobster Bisque Served with sweet cream and a hint of cognac
The lobster soup was strong but not too salty, which was livened up by the cognac.
 [b]Linguine with Live Boston Lobster (half) Pomodoro:[/b]

The linguine is a must try because the tomato and basil sauce is tangy and appetizing.
[b]Penne pasta with Alaska King crab, Grilled Portobello mushroom, saffron sauce:[/b]

The penne pasta could have been softer but the sauce was nice.
[b]Meat platter:[/b]

U.S Prime grade Rib eye steak, Oven Roasted Australian lamb rack with herbs and mustard, U.S Asparagus, cherry tomato, greenhouse cucumber, Honey bean and red radish
with sweet potato.
The beef and lamb were juicy and tender and the side of gravy they give you has a strong meat juice taste.
[b]Desserts platter:[/b]

Blueberry Cheese Cake, Raspberry Cheese Cake and cakes.
I was too full for dessert so I didn’t manage to try it.

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