Friday, January 30, 2015

Vegetarian Harvest

Harvester in the UK is a steak house, in Hong Kong it is a vegetarian restaurant!

I have always wanted to try this place but the place deters me from coming because it is really mysterious and you can’t see inside.

I know you can go in and have a look but I don’t liking going into places and saying the food is not right and leaving hence the reason I mainly dine in restaurants accessible on the street level.

Before this visit, I prepared myself mentally that I was going here because all vegetarian places have a different vibe, which I can’t explain.
Inside it was silent but it felt intense. I love silence but this place was a bit different, again it feels like your being watched or perhaps the regulars see a fresh face so they like to check them out.

The food is collected from the heated trays and one of the signs is quite cute, remain silent when getting your food to prevent your saliva droplets contaminating food when you talk.

I didn't get much but it was quite expensive at $45 because you pay by weight.

The food was ok, my favourite was the bittermelon in black bean sauce, it was slightly bitter with a strong black bean taste.

They also have rice, congee and soup.
The soup was the best because it had a earthy mushroom taste.

Yardley Commercial Building, New Market St., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: 2542-4788

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