Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back for the fried milk at 滇品.米線

This place used to good for authentic Yunnan cuisine but there is a lack of demand for some special items such as milk cake (雲南乳餅) so it is not available anymore.

There is another restaurant that serves it but the restaurant is located in San Po Kong which is in the middle of no where.

Since the milk cake was not available I had to order other items.

They give you Jasmine tea which tastes and smells like Jasmine flavoured toilet freshener.

The cucumber with bean sauce was lovely because the bean sauce was strong with a hint of chili.

I ended up ordering fried milk which tastes like cheese crisps but it was ruined with the stupid sugar on top.

The fried rice was good, each grain was distinct and al-dente and the rice was evenly flavoured.

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