Saturday, January 17, 2015

Butterball turkey rocks at HMV Kafe

In the UK, hmv is a renowned music store but in Hong Kong they have the hmv Kafe.

I went to the Happy Valley branch because there are good dine in options.

Started with smoky Earl Grey which had a rosy flavour.

Interesting apple crumble!

For food, here was what I had:
Seafood cake:
Pacific crab meat and slow cooked salmon mousse with ginger butter sauce

I loved this seafood cake because it was crispy on the outside and silky in the middle with velvety mashed potatoes, crabmeat and salmon mousse.
There was a hint of fruit peel which jazzed it up.
Linguine alio vongole:
sauteed NZ Diamond clams with garlic, basil and white wine sauce.

This was impressive because they used Diamond clams which have light taste yet the clams are juicy and plump.
The linguine was al-dente tossed with white wine and garlic.
Butterball Turkey:
Served with baby carrots, brussel sprouts, asparagus and mash.

The white meat was extremely tender, juicy and soft because they serve Butterball Turkey.
Butterball turkey is a famous company that supplies soft and juicy turkey.
As well a the white meat, they also served the red meat which was grounded into a patty with truffle to make it tasty.
US Iberico pork loin:
served with salad of baby greens, diced beetroot and special plum jam,

For pork lovers, this is a big juicy pork chop served with fruity beetroot.
Strawberry mille feuille:
Homemde custard cream, fresh strawberries and strawberry coulis

The mille feuille was surprisingly good because the layers were really crispy with a buttery taste and the custard sauce was light.
Each layer had fresh slices of strawberry which balanced the sweetness of the custard sauce.

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