Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Third culture kid problems solved here

The world is not flat and people move around so you are surrounded with people of mixed cultural backgrounds.
Third culture kid is a term which refers to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years.

At Crafty Cow, they bring you Third culture dining which are dishes cooked in the style that they grew up with.

Being a gastropub, they serve a variety of craft beers and bottles.

[b]Numbing bone marrow:[/b]
The Sichuan spices were great at adding more complexity and disguising the oily taste of the bone marrow.
[b]Duck poutine:[/b]
duck poutine, crispy house made spaetzle, cheese trio and duck gravy.
This was amazing because I love spaetzle and it was crispy and chewy too covered in delicious thick gravy and melted cheese.
[b]duck and foie gras gyoza[/b] filled with duck confit and foie gras
The gyozas were juicy and filling with duck confit and foie gras inside.
[b]Pork belly bao:[/b]

This is one of the baos in the B.Y.O.B selection where you choose a filling, topping etc.
When I have pork belly I normally scrape off the fat but the pickles were so delicious that it made the fatty part non-existent.
[b]Rocky mountain oysters:[/b]

These were panko battered testes with chimmchurri sauce.
I love trying new and strange things and I liked it.
The texture of the testes were similar to the spongy edge of scallops that don't really have a much taste but the panko coating was lovely paired with my favourite appetizing chimmchurri sauce that had a strong lemon flavour.

[b]3oz Austrailian Wagyu Hanger steak:[/b]

At crafty cow, you get to choose a range of salts and sauces and here were the ones we tried.
Sauces: Yuzu Ginger, Korean BBQ, Sherry Brown Butter & Miso Hollandaise. 
Salts: Smoked Sea Salt, Fleur de Merlot & Charcoal Black Salt.
The steak was simply juicy, tender and sweet and great on its own but with these enticing condiments you are bound to try them.

On the menu there are more salts and sauce.
[b]Cherrytree cola:[/b]
Loved the bottle and the taste of cherry cola was different from other brands because it didn't have an artificial taste.
Crafty Cow.
G/F, 3 Upper Station Street Sheung Wan

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