Sunday, January 18, 2015

The quiet side of Hong Kong at CIRQLE (Aberdeen)

For a change, I went to Wong Chuk Hang for food and this place is quite quiet because the MTR does not go there.

Tried CIRQLE for brunch after seeing these crab claws.

It costs $448 per person and there was a nice salad bar, dessert selection, eggs selection and a BBQ counter outside.

I had the freshly squeezed juice which was healthy and refreshing on a scorching day.
The cucumber was my favourite.

The food that I had:

For eggs they had a choice of eggs or quail eggs.

I ordered the quail omelette thinking that I would get a little omelette but it turned out to be a regular omelette that had a lot of quail eggs in it!!

I wish I had the chance to see the chef crack them one by one!

The brunch was not over yet because you get to choose a dish from the menu so I had the octopus and the vegetarian pizza.

The dishes come with sides and I chose the Mac and Cheese and the Fries.

To be honest I was quite full at this point so I only took a bite of the pizza which was sweet and tasty topped with sweetcorn.

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