Thursday, January 29, 2015

Risotto at Yue Mic Ka

Although Yue Mic Ka is famous for noodles, I like their risotto more.
There are two that I particularly like, the squid ink risotto with prawns and the risotto with their famous soft pork bones.

squid ink risotto with prawns:

The squid ink risotto was surprisingly good because the squid ink taste was strong and there were lots of prawns on top.
risotto with soft pork bones:

This risotto is also a winner because each grain of rice is deliciously flavoured by the soft pork bone gravy and the risotto is quite sticky.
On the way out, saw a poster promoting Yue Mic Ka's poon choi as tried by Shadow, Supersupergirl and Celebrity Chef Chau which has their famous fish broth in it.


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