Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Great burger joint at Burger Circus

It just so happens that Boomshack and Burger Circus have both opened around the same time.
I was attracted here because of the decor, it would pass as a great diner and the staff are dressed the part.

However this place is called Burger Circus so I was expecting more circus like decor such as colourful circus tent decals and elephants decals on the wall.

Anyway, as I was having dinner, I only tried the circus fries which were fries topped with savoury onions, American cheese served with Circus sauce.
The fries were nice and crispy and the sauce tasted like onion gravy.
It would be great if there were more sauce though, the pink sauce on the side is Circus sauce and if I am not wrong it tastes like tomato ketchup mixed and salad cream with diced guerkins.

Overall the food was ok but the menu and bill didn't state there was 10% which I think they should if they are charging it.

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