Thursday, January 15, 2015

NOT going to try their savoury stuff EVER again!~ Ice Cream Gallery

Previously tried their lobster and escargot icecreams at their Kwun Tong branch which were horrible not because it was lobster or escargot but because it was sweet.
I have also tried their sweet icecreams which fared better.

This time they came up with this interesting congee flavour with fried dough sticks.
Before ordering I asked the staff if it was SWEET OR SAVOURY and she said it was definitely not sweet hence I ordered it.

Congee icecream:

The texture was a failure because it was hard and powdery.
When you put the spoon in it, it was crumbled into frozen chalk.

The worst part was the taste because it was so chalky and sweet when I was expecting a savoury taste.
Even if I had a real cold congee it wouldn't be sweet!
Anyway, apart from congee, there were also gingko nuts in the icecream.

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