Friday, January 30, 2015

Big bowl feast from 萬里緣盆菜專門店

Big bowl feast is eaten during festivals and this shop serves just that so it makes me wonder if they are only open during big bowl season!!

Traditional Village Poon Choi is served in large metal bowls with a perforated metal plate at the bottom to keep food from burning, as it is kept warm on a portable stove as it is being served.
Poon Choi or Big Bowl Feast, is a traditional type of dish originating from Hong Kong village Hakka cuisine.

Basically each of these big bowls cost $1200 and they contain abalone, prawns, chicken, duck, pork, squid, taro, chinese mushrooms, fishballs, beancurd skin, pork skin and chinese radish.
According to an earlier review it was only $920 but there was a free bottle of wine with it.

Tasted rubbery
The prawns were quite big and the prawn heads tasted really sweet.
Soy marinated chicken:
I picked the drumstick part so it was delicious.
Roast duck:
The duck breast was good.
Braised pork:
Too fat for my liking
The taro was cut into huge pieces, they were about 7cm x 7 cm block with 2cm thickness.
They were quite hard so the other pieces should be eaten later when it gets soft but it depends if they are still there and not taken by others!
Found oyster shell attached to one of them, luckily I had that oyster or someone would have eaten oyster shell.
Chinese mushrooms:
Tasted ok.
The fishballs were quite nice and springy and there were no grounded bones in it.
Beancurd skin:
Very chewy and not soft enough
pork skin:
did not try
Chinese radish:
The radishes were cut into big chunks so I couldn't be bothered to try it.
Overall the food was quite good

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