Friday, January 30, 2015

Italian food by M2* Ristorante San Domenico at CUCINA

I was really lucky to have tried Italian dishes by Internationally renowned Italian Chef Valentino Marcattilii from the Michelin two-star Ristorante San Domenico.

As well as fine dishes, there was a beautiful view.

Here was what I had:
Buffalo cheese, steamed lobster, parmesan cookies, tomato water essence

The starter was absolutely beautiful, the buffalo cheese was like soft curds which had a very cheesy taste paired with the Parmesan cookies.
To contrast it was springy lobster and tangy tomato sauce.
Home-made passatelli pasta, chicken consommé

The soup was rich with a highly concentrated chicken taste and the pasta strands were soft and cheesy.
Egg stuffed ravioli, seasonal truffle

The ravioli had a nice runny egg yolk in the middle surrounded by more ricotta cheese and Parmesan sauce which was perfect with bread.

Pan-seared sea bass, polenta, clams sauce, taggiasca olives

Finished with fish which was on a bed of delicious creamy polenta mash and sauce.

For dessert, we had a rich velvety chocolate cake.

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