Monday, January 19, 2015

Mei Foo's hidden golden nuggets of treasure

If I am ever at Mei Foo I always have to stop here for some nougats.
This place is only famous to the small majority that know it but quite famous for Chinese expats because they buy boxes of nougats and cookies as souvenirs.

Hopefully I will be back soon because the nougats are addictive and I regretted not getting the chicken biscuits and the abalone biscuits.

This time I got the nougat variety pack which has all eight nougat flavours:
Original flavour, crispy chocolate, crispy coffee, crispy black sesame, almond nougat, almond and prune, ginger and almond and blueberry and hazelnut.

[b]Original peanut[/b]

The peanut flavour was quite nice because it was crammed with lots of peanuts in it.
[b]crispy chocolate[/b]
This one was my favourite because it is crispy and chewy and tastes just like a mini lion bar!
[b]crispy coffee[/b]

Not a fan of coffee so and I found it too sweet.
[b]crispy black sesame[/b]
Not a fan of sesame so it just tasted ok.
[b]almond nougat[/b]

This one was quite addictive because there were lot of crunchy almonds in it.
[b]almond and prune[/b]

As well as the chocolate, this was also my favourite because it was very chewy and soft.
[b]ginger and almond[/b]
The ginger one is quite different compared to other ones because it has a fiery kick to it.
[b]blueberry and hazelnut[/b]

This one was quite sweet but I loved the hazelnuts.
After trying all the flavours, my favourites are the prune and the crispy chocolate.

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