Saturday, January 31, 2015

More Southern comforts at Smokey joe's

Although I am a Brit, I love American food as well.
I got my American cravings from having Cajun prawns and Southern fried chicken in the UK.

Tried this new joint which is going to be a competitor of 85 South.
Personally I liked the food but I am looking forward to mjhk's review because he is an expert on Southern food.

Went on the wrong night because there are no special deals on Monday so I just got the combo which has a drink, sandwich and a side.
As I was greedy, I ordered an extra side as well, but as the two sides were different prices they calculate the cheaper side with the set and charge the more expensive side separately.

Started off with the Passionfruit lemonade which was quite sweet as well as sour because of the syrups but you could still taste the passionfruit.

The Southern spiced okra was really nice because it was coated in Southern spices but the spices could have been stronger.

The fried pickles was surprisingly good because it was really juicy and not too sour.

For the sandwich I had the maple smoked beef sandwich which had so much beef and it tasted amazing after adding the sauce on the table.

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