Monday, January 05, 2015

New year's eve gathering

Decided to have a gathering at Kennedy Town because the MTR stops there now.

Ordered the signature dishes:
[b]Parma Ham and rock melon:[/b]
A nice plate of parma ham with juicy melon chunks.
[b]Chicken wings:[/b]
The coating was light and tasted like cajun spices while the chicken wings were soft and juicy that the soft bones near the joints came off easily too.
The piping hot wings tasted delicious with the cooling lemon mayonnaise.
[b]Fried portobello with chicken strips, bacon, brown sauce and rocket:[/b]

This was my favourite because the coating absorbed the tasty brown sauce which tasted like Marmite.'
In the middle there was a big juicy portobello mushroom.
[b]Pancetta pizza:[/b]

Bacon lovers will love this but personally I found the bacon too fat. 
[b]Aglio olio:[/b]
Each strand was covered in olive oil and herbs which made it delicious.

The pasta had a strong wine taste.
[b]chicken cacciatore:[/b] was the daily special that day.

The chicken was soft and came off the bone but it lacked taste.

[b]Panna cotta:[/b]
Piccolo Pizzeria & Bar's
Shop 1E, Davis Street, Kennedy Town Western District.

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