Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Juiced up and healthy

A while ago I spotted this juice joint because of the pomegranite juice so I made a mental note to come back.
I was having dinner nearby so I went there and they were just about to close but luckily I managed to get some juices.
It was really hard deciding which juice to get but since I couldn't decide I ended up getting three drinks because I am so busy that it will be a while when I will be in Central again.

Each menu was handwritten on a colourful sheet of paper with perfect colour sense of contrasting colours.

There were five main fruit bases:
Kiwi, blueberry, avocado, fig and pomegranate.

For the pomegranate juice they have three different types: Sweet, Sour and Snow white which come from Japan.
Here were the three drinks that I had:
[b]Avocado yoghurt shake $30:[/b]
I had to order this because not many places serve avocado drinks except Indonesian joint but the version they do is really sweet and here you have more avocado drink choices such as yoghurt or fruit juice that are blended in it.
I love avocado so I went for the yoghurt shake so it was pure avocado and yoghurt and it tasted amazing because it was thick and creamy with a strong avocado taste that was not too sweet.
It is interesting that the yoghurt is garnished with two slices of lemon on top.
[b]Fig smoothie $38:[/b]
This was another drink I fell for because they use FRESH FIGS to blend this drink which means you get the natural fig taste.
I was impressed because it wasn't watery and there were a good amount of figs that you can truly taste the fig and the hint of grassyness of the fig skin.
[b]Sour pomegranate juice $43:[/b]
I was warned that the sour pomegranate would be very sour and indeed it was, the taste was acidic just like lemon but there was a sweet aftertaste.
They also have a blend of sweet and sour pomegranate and the snow white pomegranate juice which I shall try next time.
I am definitely coming back again but it will be hard choosing a drink so I will probably just order them all!~!!!
Fruit Tree Garden 果樹園
Shop A-C, G/F Lok Ku Road
Tel: 28659622
[b]The bill:[/b] $111
[b]Service:[/b] good
[b]Sweetness levels:[/b] just right
[b]Napkins provided:[/b] yes
[b]English Menu:[/b] yes

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