Saturday, January 10, 2015

Choux Creme now in CWB

Previously tried this at Tai Koo and the service was crap.
The staff at this branch were much nicer.
On this visit I tried the yoghurt puff.
[b]Blueberry puff:[/b]
The blueberry puff was quite nice and it was filled with aerated yoghurt cream which actually tasted like yoghurt not fake cream however the yoghurt filling was too sweet.
[b]The bill:[/b] $20
[b]Service:[/b] OK
[b]Service charge:[/b] no
[b]Yummy factor:[/b] ok
[b]Sweetness levels:[/b] slightly too sweet
[b]Napkins provided:[/b] no
[b]English Menu:[/b] Yes

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