Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Interesting Sake experience

I don't often eat Japanese food because the menu is mostly in Chinese and Japanese.

Here they have an English menu but the specials on the board are in Chinese.

Anyway, we started off with hot sake and it was the most unique sake experience I have ever tried because they put dried fish wings in it to bring out flavour.

Here was what we had and we ordered quite a lot from the daily specials.
Started off with jerky, there was stingray fish fin jerky, puffer fish jerky and fish jerky.
My favourite was the stingray fish jerky which was crisp and chewy.
Warship topped with urchin, salmon roe and fatty tuna. $60 per piece
A delicious combination of fatty tuna, salmon roe and urchin.
Prawn wrapped in chicken skin $88
The prawn was succulent and tasty enhanced by the crispy chicken skin.
Charcoal grilled white eel $70
The eel was crispy, delicate and boneless.
Grilled Wagyu beef $120
The beef was juicy and meaty.
Bone marrow stuffed with Alaskan crab $160
The bone marrow and crabmeat were surprisingly good together because it added some sweetness to the taste.
Foie gras toast $98
The foie gras was rich and soft flavoured by the miso wheat grains on top.
Beneath it was a slice of tofu puff which acted like toast.
Charcoal grilled geoduck $90
The geoduck had a strong sweet garlic taste.
Grilled xo tongue $50
The ox tongue was springy and meaty.
Charcoal grilled Alaskan crab legs $380
The crab was delicate and sweet.
Rolled pork with perilla leaves $48
The pork rolls were surprisingly juicy paired with tasty prune sauce.
Pork chops $160
The pork chop was soft and supple.
Wings stuffed with fish roe, grilled cheese $45

Mentaiko lovers will love this, the chicken wings were stuffed with so much mentaiko that it was bursting with sweetness.
Grilled scallop with cod roe $80
This was a huge juicy scallop on a piece of crisp seaweed.
Although we were full we finished with desserts
The taro mochi and yuzu sorbet were my favourite.
Izakaya 88
Shop G, G/F., Fat Cheong Building, 73 Electric Road Tin Hau.


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