Sunday, January 18, 2015

Came here just for the potato rosti! at 美味坊

I have always wanted to try this place for the potato rosti but it is in the middle of nowhere.
From the middle of nowhere it is now right next to a new MTR exit which was the perfect excuse to come!
Before you get there, you have to go on the slowest escalators which are perfect for the elderly and people who don't know how to use the escalators.

When you get there, this cafe has a nice secluded dining area and the seats are the benches that you would find in parks and now Burger Circus have used them.

There are thrushes flying in and out the food court so it is really cool with birds chirping but not so cool if the avian flu is about.

While I sat there, it felt like I was on a British train because the seating is similar to that.

As I was there for the potato rosti, I had to order the set which comes with tea, toast and omelette.
I suppose I should have asked them if I could just have a rosti knowing that I would not like the Chinese omelette which was rubbery and hard.
The tea is obviously HK style tea.


The toast was surprisingly good because the butter was decent and it was toasted just right with a soft middle.
Potato rosti:

As expected the rosti was delicious, it was probably home made by them because the potato strands were soft and wet.

It had a gorgeous crispy surface while the middle was soft delicious grated potato.

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