Monday, January 19, 2015

McD's prosperity beef burger n twister fries 2015

Initially hesitated to try the prosperity burger because I thought it was just the same as the usual black pepper burger except the shape is different.
But anyway got the set because of the twister fries.

In 2012, McDonalds also served this exact set for Chinese New Year!~!!
In 2015, they have serve it in a Hello Kitty Burger box and they give you burger envelopes for Chinese new year!

As I got the set mainly for the fries I didnt have any expectations for the burger, I just expected it to taste like the black pepper beef burger.
The twister fries were as good as before but not hot enough. However I was surprised the burger tasted nice.

The black pepper was not so strong this time and the sauce was sweeter than the black pepper version.
So overall this burger was nicer than expected because the black pepper taste did not overpower the rest of the burger.
If you are a beef lover you will be disappointed because the beef taste is light and the patty is very soft.

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