Saturday, January 31, 2015

Check your bill at Linguini Fini

I was here for the Baked Macheroni Carbonara but luckily the waitor was smart and told me that they are serving rigatoni pasta and not the macaroni as posted on their instagram because I prefer macaroni.

I ordered the hanger steak instead.
hanger steak:

The hanger steak was just delicious, it was soft, juicy and delicious.
Apart from the delicious food, it takes some time for the food to come and getting the bill.
When I got the bill, I realized I was charged for STILL WATER which I did not ask for.
A bottle of water was placed on my table but they did not tell me it was $20 but luckily the guy kindly refunded it and said they should have told me that it was not free.

The bottle was about 1.5 litres in volume which is a bit much for someone dining alone hence the negative review even though the steak is amazing.

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