Monday, January 26, 2015

Seafood the American way at The Captain's House

Louisiana state is a place famous for Creole cuisine and seafood served in a bag is one of the famous items there.
At The Captain's House they serve seafood in a bag just like Louisiana and each diner gets a disposable apron to wear.

Started with the Seafood platter on ice which had a good variety of fresh seafood.

Then we had my favourite Hawaiian poke salad which were cubes of salmon mixed with soy sauce and onions.
Normally poke is made with tuna.

For bites we had Fish taco served with tomato salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

The Escargots in mash were good because they were baked without the shells and the mash was buttery and velvety.

Last but not least was the hot seafood bag, the moment everyone was waiting for!!

There are three choices of sauces and we chose the Cajun and the lemon butter sauce.
The Cajun was a bit too spicy.

The lemon butter sauce was really creamy with a fragrant butter taste that lingered on the seafood.

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