Thursday, January 08, 2015

[Pacific Coffee] 2015 Xmas treats

I was mainly captivated by the cherry tart and ended up getting other stuff.
Lemon and almond finger:

These were long strips of crispy puff pastry coated with lemon and almond slices.It tasted like Lemon Puffs with an extremely buttery taste so cookie lovers will like this.
Cherry pie:

Got the cherry pie because I love cherries but it seems like a hybrid between a pie and tart.It’s more like a tart because it has weird a custard layer beneath the cherries which doesn’t make it a pie, while it looks visually like a pie, the pastry was tart pastry which was hard buttercrust.

Anyway, the custard ruined the taste and made it too sweet hence it didn’t taste like a pie.
Strawberry vanilla cake:

The chocolate sponge was good but the vanilla mousse was a bit sweet like white chocolate and there was not much strawberry taste.

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