Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second visit to Street meat

Went to Street Meat again because I wanted to have the yoghurt chicken again.

The portions were slightly smaller this time and the roti that they used for the lamb has been carefully halved so that it was a thin cracker!
Flushing lamb wrap:
Sous vide lamb with grilled leeks and Xinjiang spices.
This was gorgeous and flavourful, there was quite a lot of sauce too which made it difficult to eat but the flakey roti pastry held it together.
Midtown Halal bowl:
chicken sous vide with secret white greek yoghurt sauce and iceburg lettuce

This was my favourite because there was rice beneath it which was crispy and sticky, while the chicken was tender in generous appetizing yoghurt sauce.
The chicken was slow cooked but the portion was tiny this time.
Street Meat
50 Wyndhan Street

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