Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Exquisite dim sum presentation

After having a great dinner I was back for dim sums.

They have buns shaped like mushrooms and roses so I decided to order them.
As well as that, the menu was a pretty catalogue.

Here was what we had:

Green tea -spring "dragon well" leaves $58
The tea was grassy balanced by the gentle sweet notes of wolfberries.
spiced ginger pork knuckle $68
Ordered this because it was served in a jar.
It had fiery crushed fresh ginger which gave it a grassy kick.
drunken chicken $68

The chicken was tender infused with a strong wine flavour.
pickled radish florets $48
The pickled radishes were crunchy with a sweet taste.
peppered eggplants $48

These were soft with a sweet garlicky taste.
Steamed rose floret bun $29 1pc

Just like the mushroom bun, it was a delight when it was served.
A great food picture to post on social media for likes!!
They were fluffy and soft with a light rose flavouring.
It would be great if it was served on a banana leaf or a plate scattered with deep fried tea leaves or with a long biscuit stick cover in green tea powder to pretend to be the stalk.
truffle shiitake buns (3pcs) $49 3/件
They are basically buns filled with chopped mushrooms and truffle coated in chocolate powder to look like they were just plucked from the soil.
These buns were delicious with warm mushrooms in the middle covered in fragrant truffle sauce.
For desserts, I only had the sesame ball because I was quite full.
cookies & cream $36
coconut red bean cup $36
osmanthus honey blossom cup $36
sesame ping pong (3pcs) $39

This was the best sesame ball I have had but the menu could have had more information to say that it was filled with pineapple since most people would be expecting red beans.
The pineapple filling tasted so much better because it was thick and chewy with a fruity pineapple taste.

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