Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rummin' Tings to rumble your tummy

Felt like Carribean food but Sai Kung was too troublesome so came here for it.

Had the following.
Mac and Cheese:

Tasteless cheese and I didn't like the ribbed macaroni.
Veggie patties:

These were amazing filled with spinach and okra, after adding chili sauce to it, they tasted much better.
dutty doubles:

This was quite nice but hard to eat because the chick pea curry was runny.
cook up stew:

The ox tail was soft but there were too many brittle bones in it and the sauce was too sweet and tasted like Chinese style Western oxtail.
The rice was disappointing because it was literally rice with kidney beans.
Other places put herbs in the rice and peas.

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