Monday, January 19, 2015

Nice secluded Yakitori bar at Bilibala Yakitori Bar

This joint is nice and secluded located on the end of Haven Street round the corner from Via Tokyo.

They have an English menu for expats.

Yakitori means grilled chicken on sticks but they serve other items as well as chicken.

Here was what I had.
cucumber with wasabi:

This was a nice to start the meal because the cucumbers were crunchy flavoured by the freshly grated wasabi.
Japanese fishball with wasabi:

The Japanese fishballs are different from Chinese ones and they were lovely white slices that looked like Chinese radish.
They were very palatable and tasted like sweet mock abalone slices with wasabi.
Grilled cheese mochi:

This was my favourite because it was soft gooey cheese in the middle encased in a crispy chewy shell.
Grilled chicken livers:

The livers were velvety and soft with a slight bitter aftertaste.
Grilled chicken:

Indeed the chicken was good because it tender juicy thigh meat.
Grilled rice roll with sea urchin:

The rice roll was a bit hard but it tasted ok.
Japanese cold soba:

To finish off I had the soba which was quite a big portion.
The strands were quite thick and soft.

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