Sunday, January 18, 2015

Not just crepes and galettes at O delice!

My handsome French friend wanted some French food so went here!
It has been a while since I have dined here and the menu choices have grown from just galettes and crepes to pastas and salads which are great for lunches, brunches and dinners.

They had tartines which are a great light snack to go with drinks in the evening but I had my eyes on the toast with guacamole and smoked salmon.

Portobello and mixed mushroom pasta:
This was divine because it had a healthy poached egg with a runny centre and my favourite portobello mushroom.

The pasta was gorgeous because it was tossed in truffle oil and the portobello mushroom was earthy and substantial.

I burst the egg yolk to make the pasta even tastier and the yolk and mushrooms tasted heavenly together.

Pineapple, apple and cucumber juice:

I ordered this with the brunch set because it was healthy and freshly blended.
Breakfast tea by teapigs:

To finish off I ordered tea from the a la carte menu.

The a la carte size cup is bigger and you get a pot of French honey to put in the tea which balances the bitterness of the tea leaves.

Anyway had a great brunch!
Au revoir ML!!

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