Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A modern Chinese social dinner

It's not that I don't eat Chinese food but the environment is often noisy with piercing ceramics clinking together but here the atmosphere was so modern and chic.

After you sit down, you just order and eat, they won't give you bowls of tea to rinse your chopsticks.

However, there is a sense of humour on their plates which features plate art, some are decorated with flies and some are decorated with ants.

In the middle of the restaurant, there is a table tennis table where people can play before they have food and when they have large groups of people, the table can be used as a normal dining table.

We were pretty hungry so here was what we had:
Double-boiled clear soup:
4hrs daily double-boiled soup - Silkie chicken soup boiled with cordyceps flower- $78
The broth was strong with a sweet chicken flavour.
signature chicken soup in young coconut $78

The broth was clear with a fragrant sweet coconut taste.
dragon beard kale $79

The kale was artistically sliced hence it was curly like a dragon beard.
I found it quite difficult to pick up with chopsticks but other than that it had a nice gingery taste.
spicy 1,000yrs duck eggs and tofu $48

This was a nice appetizer of silky smooth tofu covered in delicious gravy which was blended with sichuan peppercorns.
spicy 1,000yrs duck eggs $48

The preserved eggs were elegantly presented in the shape of goldfishes.
It was a pleasure to eat them.
signature roasted white king pigeon: 

The pigeon skin was crispy and tasty and the pigeon meat was soft and supple.
It tasted like a baby goose with crisp skin that was not fat.
aged balsamic chicken wings (4pcs) $78

The chicken wings are definitely recommended because they have an extremely light crispy coating, eat bite was fulfilling because the sauce was sweet and sour.
The wings have been ripped inside out with a bone removed to make it easier to eat.
golden jumbo tiger prawns $268

These were prawns cooked in Laksa broth, each was one springy and spicy with a strong creamy coconut flavour.
slow-braised chicken feet $89

The chicken feet were sticky and sweet and I liked the way the bright green peas gave it a nice colour contrast.
crispy beef roll w/ spicy dip $99

The beef was coated in batter served with a bowl of curry sauce.
It was tender beef in the middle with a crispy coating complimented by the delicious thick curry sauce.
double-boiled pear+aged mandarin peel $59

For desserts we had the double boiled pear which was a sweet finish.

Will come back soon for the dim sums.

Social Place, 
2/F, The L. Place, 
No. 139 Queen's Road Central (next to The Centre), 
Central District, Hong Kong,
Tel:  3568 9666, 

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