Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seafood Stand

Discovered this on the way to dinner but as I still had time I stopped by for a small snack.

The prices were quite cheap but then it is located in TST East which is about right.
I wanted to order the grilled lobster with cheese but the lady couldn't tell me whether is was Mozzarella or Cheddar cheese.
She just said it was ordinary cheese which leaves a lot of guessing so I did not risk ordering it incase it turned out to be processed cheese or Mozzarella which is stringy and tasteless so I settled for the fish.
Roasted Wild caught cod filet with lime juice:

I am not sure if they mean cod but the appearance and taste is not quite like the chunky cod species that I normally get from the chippy or the UK.
The idea of roasted cod with lime juice sounded good because citrus juices are a great complement to seafood.
When it arrived, the fish was as good as I expected in terms of presentation because it had a lovely crispy skin even though it didn't look like cod.
The lime juice was not juice but a lemon sauce for lemon chicken that is thick, more sweet than sour.
If it came with a wedge of lemon or lime or a pot of lime juice mixed with herbs I would have given it higher marks.
The fish, whatever fish it was tasted great because the skin that was attached to it gave it that extra fishyness and kept it moist and soft but the oil was a bit old which had a slight aftertaste otherwise the fish would have got top marks too. Again if it was proper lime juice or lemon, it would have balanced the old oil taste but then not everyone has sensitive tastebuds that can taste slight differences.

The ketchup is interesting because they have mixed black pepper and herbs in it.


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