Friday, January 23, 2015

Golden banquet at Fu Ho

Had a pre-Chinese new year gathering at Fu Ho Restaurant.
To be honest I have not been there before but the menu looked really good and apparently it is famous for abalones.

Here was what we had
Started off with the four surprises: Prawn stuffed with mashed taro, Deep-fried white-bait fish with Spicy Salt, sliced stomach in black bean sauce, Pan-fried squid with Shrimp Paste.
The prawns stuffed with taro reminded me of taro puffs but the taro mash was quite dense and rich.

The crispy whitebait was flawless, they had a delicate light crispy batter while the whitebait was silky and soft in the middle. 
Next we had the squid which was paired with shrimp paste.
The shrimp paste was strong and pungent so you are going to like it or hate it.
The last platter was stomach slices in black bean sauce which had a texture like squid and the black bean sauce was a good strong flavour to give it some flavour.
Braised abalone and ducks feet

The abalone was sweet with a strong unami taste and the duck's feet was soft and gelatinous.
Superior Bird’s Nest with pumpkin cream

This was the star of the meal because I love bird's nest and there was so much beneath the pumpkin cream.
The pumpkin cream was really tasty which went well with the delicate bird's nests that had a gentle flavour.
Lemon chicken:

Then came the lemon chicken which everyone is bound to like, it was good the sauce was served separately so that the chicken is still crispy and you can decide how much sauce you want.
It was tender chicken with a crispy coating
After adding the sauce the chicken was amazing because the lemon sauce gave it a sweet touch without being too sweet or acidic.
hokkaido oysters in two ways:

These were oysters in batter and oysters that were grilled.
The ones in batter had a juicy bursting center while the grilled ones were firm and tasted like semi air dried oysters.
noodles in oyster sauce

To finish off the meal we had noodles which were tossed in abalone sauce. There was red vinegar to make it more appetizing.
I was too full for the Four treasures sweet soup.
For the Chinese petit fours the sesame balls were my favourite because they had no filling inside which is just how I like them.

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