Saturday, January 31, 2015

Still the best Waffills in town

Since my last visit, this shop has changed so much, there is now a huge seating area.

The menu has expanded from a few items to endless choices.

They have Liege waffles which were not there before and apple filled waffles too.
Cherry waffle:
I went for the cherry waffle because I love cherries.
It was a waffle filled with cherries and it tasted amazing because the cherries were tart and juicy which were delicious encased in the waffle paired with cream.

Belgian Hot chocolate:

The hot chocolate came with the waffle above.
Not a fan of hot chocolate so I would have preferred tea instead.
Ma Cherie:

It was a hard choice for the second waffle because I was deciding between the Belgian waffle and the apple filled waffle, but in the I got this one because I haven't had for ages.
The waffle was light and crisp, not too sweet which was perfectly complemented by the cherries and cream.
There are other choices with this but again I love cherries so I had to choose this.
Going to try the Belgian Flemish Pork Stew and Chicken Fricassee Vol Au Vent next.
G/F 124 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
T : 2613 9600

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