Friday, January 02, 2015

Dreaming of Las Vegas at Little Vegas

I have always wanted to dine here because it is a themed restaurant.

There is a similar place I tried before called SF Veggies which is just like San Franciso.
Inside Las Vegas you are greated with Casino related displays, slot machines and roulettes.

I liked the wine glass with sweets but it would be good if it was filled it with local American sweets instead of Japanese sweets and International sweets.

The menu was designed just like a tabloid.

The variety of dishes on the menu was quite good and they had three types of ravioli but unfortunately the carrot and coriander is not served anymore because the locals are not brave enough to order it.
Dice chocolate:

A nice chocolately drink which tasted a bit like Tiramisu with a stong chocolate taste with a hint of coffee.
At the bottom it had square cubes of jelly which remind you of dice.

Vegas Morning:

Menu description:
Black truffle scrambled eggs, beef tenderloin, bacon, veal sausage, pork sausage, hash browns, roasted tomato, baked beans, mushroom, bagel

I loved the chewy bagel which was topped with fluffy scrambled eggs infused with truffle flavouring.
Both sausages tasted almost the same even though one was meant to be veal and the other was pork.
I ordered the Vegas morning because the menu says that it comes with tenderloin but when it came it was a huge beef patty and the texture was a bit dry and chewy.
Fettuccine with beef in soya sauce:

Pasta choices were creative because they had tom yum pasta, green curry penne but I ended up choosing the fettuccine with beef in soya sauce.
The menu says Fried but I think they meant Stir fried pasta but anyway it was really good because it is an improved version of the Chinese stir fried flat noodles as it was not so oily but unfortunately the strands of fettuccine clumped together.

Green tea:

It was a bit too sweet.

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