Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunday's Grocery saved the day

Last year when K-Town MTR station had not been opened, I made an effort to go to Kinsale, however they were not taking any reservations.
The brunch at Kinsale is served until 2:30.
I got there at 1:30 but the staff in the restaurant wouldn't bother attending to the customers at the door.
By the time I finally got attended to, I was told that brunch had finished.
Feeling very pissed I went to Sunday's which has never failed me before.

I got the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich.

As you can see it was neat and flawless, it was sliced cleanly in the middle and looked perfect for a food shot!

The taste was amazing too, the chicken coating was crisp and light with no rancid oil taste.
It was simply delicious with the fresh salad, creamy mayonnaise and chicken in one bite!

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