Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dim Sum @ 稻香

Hardly go for dim-sum in the morning, especially the noisy environment and having to wait for tables.

Today ordered: spare ribs and chicken feet with rice, mini scallops cheung fun, prawn dumplings, chiu chow dumplings, fake sharks fin soup and ducks feet with fruit peel.

The rice in the pot of ribs n feet were nice and hard, went well with the soya sauce.
The cheung fun was a higher proportion of rice roll pastry than scallops and courgettes, but because the scallops were mini, it was expected.

The chiu chow dumplings were moist and sweet due to the white carrots.

The Prawn dumplings were ok.

The sharks fin soup was good, but the pork spolt it, thats why I usually prefer vegetarian ones, because if the pork isnt fresh it will taste off.

I felt that the red vinegar should only be used with real sharks fin soup rather than the fake ones, because it dosnt go well together, especially when there is shiitake mushrooms presents, the vinegar will make it taste funny.

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